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​​What Is Euro Profile Cylinder Locks & How Does It Work?

Euro Profile Cylinder locks is a proven technology that lets every door secure with high combination locks. With the rise of modern Architecture, Euro-Profile Cylinder Locks have become the definitive choice for Construction Companies and Builders, Architectures, Wholesale dealers, consumers, and businesses alike.

People enjoy using Euro Profile Cylinder Locks over traditional deadlocks and padlocks. Why? It offers many more capabilities than Orthodox locks. And it can do it all for less than half the cost.

Euro-Profile Cylinder includes powerful features not found with standard locking Systems. Wide Range sizes, Multi Finishes, Master Keys, More security, 50000 combinations, Ultra Keys and regular Keys, Easy to replace and so much more. Plus, you can order these from anywhere in the world.

We’ve expanded this guide to take a closer look at what you need to know about Euro-Profile Cylinder Locks. We’ll cover everything you need to know, including the benefits of Euro-Profile Cylinder Locks.

More About Euro-profile Cylinder Locks

​Euro Profile Cylinder Locks also known as Profile Cylinders, Brass Cylinder locks, main Door Locks, and Computer Key locks. describe the growth story of this technology. Most people consider Euro-profile Cylinder Locks the modern and exclusive option to the orthodox locking systems.

If you’ve heard of the Main Door Lock or Mortise Locks, Euro-profile Cylinder Locks are the essential part of it, An Euro-profile Cylinder Locks allows the mortise latch to connect with human operation by external keys.

​Euro Profile Cylinder Lock isn’t all that new. Service providers have relied on old technology like deadlocks and padlocks since the late 90s. Euro-profile Cylinder Lock is a cost-effective way to fix and handle an unlimited number of door operations with an easy-to-replaceable tool which is the most essential part of the entire door operation while any replacement requirement of locks, key loss, and master keys.

So, what does this mean for you?

​Here are some of the Quality Locks Systems for the main doors which include Brass Cylinder Locks also known as Euro Profile Cylinder locks, mainly These door locks come with Both sides keys, one side key and another side knob, Coin Cylinder locks, half cylinder with knob and Half Cylinder with Keys. Key Preferences are ultra or computer Keys and regular orthodox-type keys.

Cylinder Lock | Euro Profile Cylinder Lock | BSK-OSK Available in Bulk Quantity for Commercial | Government | Private and Domestic Project. Wholesale dealers are also can appointed city-wise district and state according to mutual communication with the buyer.


Types: Door Locks or Lock System | Euro Profile Cylinder Lock | Both Side Keys and One Side Key One Side knob,


Base Material: Brass

Available Sizes: 30MM + 10MM | 35MM + 10MM | 40MM + 10MM | 45MM + 10MM | 60MM | 70MM | 80MM | 90MM | 100MM | 120MM | 150MM.

We request you to please check each product's page for full information by clicking on the picture.

EURO PROFILE CYLINDER finish demo image


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